Color use

With the colors you choose you can make any pattern your own and make it a masterpiece!

I love working with color pegs I made using my favorite yarn: Stylecraft Special DK.

Two colors

In Mosaic Crochet you use at least two colors; a color A and a color B. Color A is usually the background color and color B is the pattern color. Here you see a mock-up of two parts of my Eixample blanket. The only difference between the two versions is that in one green is used as the background color (color A) and in the other green is used as the pattern color (color B).

More colors B

You can also use multiple colors B, combined with a single color A. In this picture you see my bedspread made using my pattern Mosaic Compilation (combined with Tinna’s Havana) where I used Burgundy as color A and 76 colors B in a gradient rainbow.

An easy way to use multiple colors B that go well together is using a variegated yarn.

Multiple A's + B's

You can also choose to use multiple colors A and multiple colors B. In this picture you see my pattern Virginia for which I did a double fade.

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