Ebb and Flow

This blanket is called Ebb and Flow. The inspiration for the blanket and its name is that highs and lows, the ups and the downs, the bitter and the sweet, the joy and the sorrow all are part of life and all have their own beauty. 


On Track

This pattern was a crochet along but is now available as a complete pattern. It might look like corner to corner, but it’s just mosaic crochet worked in rows. The diagonal lines and the empty space between the tracks gives this design a very modern feel. 


A simple design that makes it a great pattern for beginners. When you use multiple colors this pattern is also great for experienced mosaic crocheters.




This was my first Crochet Along in April 2021. It is now available as one complete pattern. The pattern consists of 20 different crocheted squares that you sew or crochet together, but it also has instructions on how to crochet it as one piece.

Mix and Match Mosaic

This design is made to inspire you to be a designer too! The 18 different parts can be mixed and matched any way you like. The pattern includes design ideas for different blankets, cushions, a wrap, a table runner, a bed runner, a scarf. You can make anything you want!

Mosaic Compilation

The charts of this pattern started as additions I made to the Havana Blanket by Tinna. I adapted some mosaic knitting patterns by Barbara G. Walker and designed others myself. This compilation can be used to make a big blanket, or you can use one or more patterns on their own.

Frosty Flow

This was my very first pattern. Inspired by water that can be frozen and flowing, this pattern includes instructions for a blanket and a scarf.




Named after the Eixample district in Barcelona. The 19 different diamonds create a grid that resembles the roads and buildings and make it very satisfying to crochet.


Stars Above

A pattern for a cushion. It was thought up as a cushion to complement the Mosaic Compilation pattern but can be used separately too. All different elements flow into each other.


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